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Why are two word domains special

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One-word domains with the dot-com top-level domain (TLD) are, of course, the preferred option, but they are very difficult to obtain. Prices can start at a few hundred thousand dollars, moving quickly into the millions for a good short one-word domain. Most new companies would struggle to justify using the majority of their funds to purchase a one-word domain. There is the option to obtain another top level domain (TLD), other than dot-com, but dot-com is still considered king. Once you build the brand, you may find your self searching for a dot-com domain and end up paying a premium.

Two-word domains can in fact really have impact. They can give a company a solid platform to build upon, commanding authority, credibility and memorability. Customers will respect a solid two-word domain. Two-word domains can be purchased anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over a million dollars. The prices of two word domains increase year after year, since the early days, prices have skyrocketed making them an investor asset class. With the reduction of the availability of one-word domains, there is pressure to find premium two-word domains. As the e-commerce world continues to grow, the price of two-word domains will continue to rise. Category, leading two-word domains are sometimes more expensive than one-word domains; see the list below:

When searching for a premier two-word domain, remember this is a long-term investment in your company and can affect how your customer base sees you. The better the domain, the more authority it commands across an online space, which is highly competitive.