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Famous Brands with great domains

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Companies and the visionaries who run them, understand the value of their companies brand name; they never lose sight of the fact that the customer experience includes a great name, as the customer aligns their values with the brand name associated with a product/service. Solid brands are never built on names with negative connotations in any language. Customers remember a brand name and navigate to the correct site time after time, creating a lifelong relationship with the brand. The companies listed below understood and improved their domain name:

  • acquired, a commonly mistaken spelling, to stop traffic from being lost or confused.
  • acquired a seriously easy to remember upgrade.
  • acquired, suddenly it is a global brand.
  • acquired, short and sweet. In the highly competitive crypto space the new domain sets them apart from
    thousands of competitors.
  • acquired, a market leader in the cloud storage space.
  • the owner paid a million dollars for the domain and later turned it into a billion-dollar company.
  • Snapchat acquired and now define themselves as a camera company.
  • acquired
  • acquired
  • Tesla Motors acquired for 11 million dollars after ten years of trying.
  • Tuft & acquired, a billion-dollar mattress business.
  • acquired
  • WeChat acquired, a massive social platform in China.
  • Weight Watchers acquired